Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Yea!! I got the Holy Spirit, its a good train . . you should get on it"

Hola, so I realized last week after finishing that I forgot to tell you about the doc appt. . . oops sorry. pero, it went well, we talked with him and the counselor Pres Vitali about what all happened and my eating habits and such, he basically told me that everything that happened was thanks to the little friend that I had inside me and to stress. Ha go figure right, I think it was the after results of all the stress and anxiety of Dolores. Great huh? Yea, not really but this was the first line that came to my head (a quote but not from a Disney movie) was "I once had a cousin Izzy who just keeled over one day mid mango, stress, its a killer sir." hehe first one who can name that movie gets to pat themselves on the back b/c there is not much I can do from here. . .sorry. But anyway, he put me on a medication for 3 days taking a pill 2 a day every 12 hours, and that was it. It was like a mini bomb med, to clean out my system, and for now I am still going to keep taking the multivitamin just in case, haha.  So as of now I am eating regular and besides the fact of always being tired from working and walking all day everyday, I have energy which is fabulous after a rather long time of not. 

Okay now to explain a little about the title . . hehe this was such a great day. One morning in comp study, Hna Knowlton shared something very interesting out of the book "member missionary work and finding the elective God" a book that I have seen in Deseret book.  Well she read about something called ¨References from the Lord¨ for finding new people. . so we tried it the other day and the results we're crazy cool! What ya do is first pray for inspiracion and guidance, then you both study the map for a little while.  Then, how we did it was one person called out about 10 streets and the other wrote them,  then from that list separately we both chose 3 to 5. Here is where the ref from the Lord and the spirit come in, from the Separate  lists you compare to see which streets are the same. . this was the cool part. She chose 5, I chose 3, we had 2 in common. Hna Knowlton looked at me and said I took stats that is not possible, ha but everything is possible with the Lord. We were a little giddy after that so with our faith and hope we went searching. . sadly the results were not what we were hoping for, but it was a good faith and testimony builder of the help and guide of the Lord to try and find those that he is preparing. We did find a menos activa at one of the doors we knocked, and another one we passed, both stopped, paused and turned back, I said num 2 stood out to me, lets knock, Hna K said the exact same thing. . . so we rang num 2 a lady opened the door, we introduced ourselves and then she said thanks but no and shut the door with a little force.  Okay have a nice day. We were a little bummed about that one, but hey maybe the Lord was testing us and preparing us for something that is coming. . .guess we will have to wait and see. 
But I know that the Lord is preparing the heart of someone, we just have to be patient and "keep swimming" until we find them. 

I hope you all have a terrific week! Talk to ya lata! 
Hna snow

Q & A

Q: Are you taking any medication for the parasite?
A: Yea, sorry about that I forgot to tell you about the doc apt oops. I took a 2 pills for 3 days med and that was it. It was kinda like a mini bomb that cleaned out my system. I have still been taking Centrum Vitamins and haven't had problems since.

Q: How was the artichoke? Do they have Mayo in ARG?
A: Not Costco but for Arg it was pretty good. And yes and it is better than the states.

Q: Are you regaining some of your lost weight?
A: I think so, I haven't weighed myself in a little bit. I will have to see. 

Q: Do they get snow in ARG? Or just bitter cold?
A: Yea only in the mountains that they share with Chile. Here it will just get bitter cold. 

Q: Do you still like being in LaPlata?
A:  Yea, it is hard, but we have a good branch and s..l..o..w..l..y but surely we are starting to see some progress. 

Q: Do you think you’d like to return to ARG to visit again soon?
Q: What food do you miss most from home?
A:  Hires food. Tortilla chips, chocolate chip cookies, real american BBQ among other things

Q: Are you able to shower each day? 
A:  Yes, finally. 

Q: Do you still sleep in your sleeping bag with the sheet?
A: Yes, and the liner helps a ton with the cold weather! It is a genius idea. 


We didn't have lunch one day so we had a Mexican Fiesta! 
haha complete with tacos, guacamole y the only chips we could find (they don't believe in tortilla chips)

Here was the tiny artichoke, and ya know it wasn't that bad, it wasn't Costco, but it was pretty good.

Our activity today...Republica de los niƱos- its like a quarter of the size of every other park. 
A mini Disneyland. Like it makes Lego Land look good. 
But it was entertaining and good to get out and do something.

 Here is a mini of what the main part of the park looks like.

The joys of serving in a big city. . . ha 

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