Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ups, Downs, and All Arounds.

Hola mis queridos!! [Hello my dear]

Firstly I have a declaration. After 10 months of serving in Argentina, I am officially legal to be here...for the next 3 months until I leave, haha made my day! 

Anyway, this week was just a crazy one. To explain the declaration above, we went to Buenos Aires for my papers on Thursday and stayed the night in Banfield to then go and do them for Hna Knowlton on Friday. It was quite the adventure, and finally I was able to tour the city for a little bit, we drove around looking at the HUGE buildings and then went into a cathedral that was just gorgeous! But didn't look like a cathedral from the outside (I'll send pix next week) it looked more like a Greek temple. But we saw a guy restoring the tile mosaic floor, holy guacamole, they put in EVERY tile, one by one. But it was incredible. With a lady reciting a catholic prayer , that was a little weird, but it was cool at the same time. 

We have this investigator, that is drving us crazy!! Why? b/c he is super ready to dive into the font, but keeps telling us that he wants to finish reading the BOM first or that he hasn't gotten an answer yet, but he has gone to church like 6 times dressed in a suit, tie, white shirt and everything. He goes to institute, and every time someone meets him they are shocked when they find out that he is not a member, which he basically is, the font is waiting, he just has to take this little leap of faith and say yes! He has all the support from the members, but in all honesty we think that he is scared of something still, we just have to find out what it is to help him work it out, trust his Father in Heaven and just jump. 

To end I just want to say how grateful I am to have such a fantastic family. With your support and love and help and all the good times. To have a family in the church is such a blessing and to be experiencing all of this here it has made me beyond grateful for all that I have back home. We had a lesson with some menos activos [less actives]. She is a single mom with 3 kids, 2 teens and a 4 yr old. They are a great family, but they are going thru some really rough times, she feels her kids aren't doing there part, and to see this family go from relatively active to stop going and to see her have her strong faith and testimony too in this moment to when we just happen to be there, throw her hands up and say I don't care anymore, I don't see the point, was heartbreaking. And I may or may not have almost cried a couple times listening to all of this. It was rough to watch and hear how Satan can put one toe in and a bomb could go off. I am, not going to lie, it was kinda super awkward to just be sitting there while she was talking to her kids in a strong voice trying to help them see what was going on. But it opened my eyes and made me think of just how good we have it. Yes it is still hard and Satan attacks us in different ways, but with these 2 chicos,[boys] in this ward there are not many young men for a support system.  Whereas most of our friends are members.  It was hard to see one of the was that Satan attacks the family, I just kept thinking I have it good.  Yes it is hard and yes we still have to fight, but we have friends and support in the church, here the members are few and far between.  We talked to her after this whole thing happened and she just broke down crying, with not knowing what more to do to help her kids, not knowing if she can do this alone anymore.  It was just heartbreaking.  I am so grateful for this gospel, for the blessings that come from it, and for all the support and love that I have from all of you.  I don't know or want to know what this world would be like without all that we have been blessed with from our Father in Heaven!!!!

Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Con mucho cariño. [with much dear]

Hna Snow

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