Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hola to all!
This week was a really great week full of adventures. Here is a little of how my week went:

Lunes: P-day was a blast perusing the little shops and buying a ton of food. hehe but unfortunately we received some bad news while working. The investigator that went to church for the first time text us and said thanks for everything but our life is complicated right now and we don't have a lot of time, and we aren't all that much interested in learning more´´. . .um, yea it was a hard blow. We sat down for a little while trying to figure out what to say back when Hna. Knowlton smiled and quoted Ice Age with a mission twist . "There goes our last ´investigator´". Which made us both smile. We stopped by to figure out why and talk face to face. They said with all that they have going on and the fact that they are very Catholic it is not a good time. Okay, it was hard for both of us and the first real rejection for Hna. Knowlton. 

Martes:  We had an amazing Zone conference that focused on how to work with Preach my Gospel and how to use it more effectively in every aspect of missionary work.  With a challenge/study plan starting for 25 weeks starting June 1st to study every chapter in depth...remember how I didn't want a count down...ha well I will only get to about week 14.

Miércoles:  We had exchanges with Hna Tolman staying in La Plata with Hna Knowlton and me going to her area that is right above our area, so it is like the suburbs of La Plata. Here is where the title comes in, this week it rained for about 2 days straight and we just happen to have exchanges. So we walked and walked in the down pour and the fabric on the outside is great because the water just beads up...but in this storm we couldn't figure out why or how the inside was getting so wet. . .well, turns out there are bunch of little tiny holes that we only found when held up to the light...haha but other than that it is a great umbrella. :)

Jueves:  We switched back from intercambios [exchanges], went to our lunch appt. then went to work...what was great was that our plans to have a member accompany us actually worked out. The plan for who we were going to visit, not so much but she gave us a reference and we ended up finding and teaching the referral and having another lesson. 

Viernes: A day of FREEZINGNESS! no joke, it was bitter cold, we didn't have one lesson and just ended up walking around all day trying to find people. we tried contacting and got a couple doors shut on us when we said that we were missionaries for the church of Jesus Cristo. . but we laughed and sang and quoted Disney movies and tried to stay positive while enduring the cold. 

Sábado:  We did have a couple of good lessons with an investigator and menos activos [less actives] and had a little bit of service helping a member get some meds from the farmacia [pharmacy].
Domingo:  We rocked it with the spirit! It was a great day! Warmest day of the week I think. And we  found an old investigator, the best part of this was we had heard a lot about him but hadn't found him yet. . .so when the door opened and a man with a great beard and a light blue sweater with a little town and a rainbow stood before us we knew it was going to be good. But turns out he is not that interested. Sad day Hna. Knowlton did ask him quite an inspired ? thou, "do you believe that the true church is on the earth today"? Bam! it definitely made him think. Then we had another amazing lesson with the one prog investigator that we have, I think we will be able to see him get baptized. We just have to work with the spirit and him little by little. 

I hope you enjoy your week! And your weather. haha
Love you all!!

Hna Nieve

 1. Duct tape, who knew...this is what you do when you have a really really cold pension and no heat find a sleeping bag and block the really big window.

2. Yup, it is an artichoke. My food life is complete. Just have to cook it and try it now. 
I will let you know how it is later. 

I don't remember if I sent the map of our area or not so here it is.

Yup, I made an Oreo malt, it wasn't the same b/c the milk here is weird but it was still pretty good

self explanatory!
[Those who know Dani well, knows she LOVES Cheese Cake]

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