Monday, June 16, 2014

"hey you expire before these cookies".

Hola to all! Dad I hope you had a good Father´s Day. And the rest of you had a good week.  We surely had a long week with a ton of walking. Yes, it is transfer time, and yes Hna. Knowlton and I are staying together for one more transfer. Which means next transfer I could potentially stay and die here or maybe get moved. But we have six weeks so I´m not going to think about that right now.  

As you all know, the World Cup started. Now this is great for everyone . . .well, everyone except for the missionaries. . .b/c you all know how hard it is to work here in the city. Well now it is even harder, because they really don't want to take the time to listen to us or open the door. ha oh que bueno! [that's nice] We have little schedules of the games to know when they will be (all the prelims are at 1, 4, and 7 here and when there is a game on it is worse than the holidays, there is literally NO one in the street. We could stand in the street and not see one living soul. They are all inside watching the games or sleeping in between them (haha or that is what I think since the games are on during their siesta).  But what can you do. It is cool, all the Arg pride down here everything is decorated in blue and white. And they even set up a huge screen in the plaza with the cathedral so that anyone could watch the matches. haha it reminded me of when I was in Europe with the Lamberts, for the Euro cup, I went with Teri and Tori to watch a game on their big screen in a park. haha 

But yea this week was super hard and exhausting, we are still working with this one investigator, who everyone thinks is a member.  So we are just going to keep working with him and have determined to change something in this area this transfer b/c they have not had a baptism in like more than a year. . . but they haven't had ´Snowlton´ in the area very long, so we are going to hit them like a snowball. haha I am just hoping my shoes and my backpack hold out a little longer.
Anywho fun facts that I thought I would add:  
1. I have perfected my guacamole. . .I think we have had it like 4 or 5 times in the last 6 weeks.

2. They have a verb for ´to google´ - googlear

3. My hair has grown a little bit longer. yes . . 

4. Hna Knowlton said that since I have 12 weeks left (one training) my ´American training´ starts today. . .oh dear. 

5. The title. . .we found some delicious cookies and she looked at the expiration date 12 of Nov. and that was the first thing she said. ha thanks comp. Love ya too!

Anywho, hope your life is going well and you are enjoying the weather b/c it is really starting to get super cold down here. bah!

Love ya tonz, chau!

Hna Snow

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