Monday, June 23, 2014

Would you hit on a nun?!?

This is all I start anyway. Dani thought she was being funny. I didn't find any humor in it. She was also "testing" me by mentioning she's thinking of extending her mission. After several emails exchanged I realize she is half serious with that one. I'll keep you posted. JaNel

Hey guys, well this week we walked around a lot. Not much really happened with the World Cup and all. There are not many people in the streets and they get mad if we knock on their doors.  But yea, hopefully this week will be better. I'll let you know next week. Talk to ya later.
Hna Snow

Hola family,
Yea, so the first email was to get on you guys about not realizing how exciting our emails are. Honestly we think we are hilarious. But no one else thinks so or at least you don't say anything.
But now for the real one. . .
This week was harder though with the World cup and the entire country watching. Argentina played Saturday and the city was literally a ghost town. There was NO one in the streets and it was dead silent. They were either in their houses or watching the game in the plaza. We could walk down the middle of the street and not worry about getting hit by cars and yea with the goal at the very last minute . . aye, the entire city ERUPTED when it happened. All screaming goal from their windows and cheering and honking, the city was alive once more.  haha oh soccer.  As we were walking trying to contact people we saw a group of women walking away from the plaza, one of them was a nun. Yup a nun was watching mundial [World], Hna Knowlton leans over and whispers, we are worse than nuns. haha

For the title, we got hit on like 3 or 4 times one day this week, rather entertaining, with their "pick up lines " as hey baby or hey beautiful . . but what was funny was the analysis that Hna Knowlton did, she said, ´they know we are missionaries teaching the gospel´ then she added ´would you hit on a nun?´ haha I died, its true, we do the same thing they do, only we get to wear cuter clothes and we walk around talking to all.  We are doing so much walking my shoes even started getting holes in them.

This past week we had a missionary stay with us that was returning home from a mission in Chile. She had to stay with us b/c she got in super late and wasn't getting released until the next night. But anyway, she had to come home for medical, she did something to her knee and wasn't able to work anymore, with only 5 months left.  When her mom got in she met us at the pension . .yea that was a little hard to watch, one for Hna K who is newer in the mission, me, b/c that will be me sooner than I think. They hugged and cried and talked for over an hour.  But it made me think of how grateful I am that I am better now and able to finish my mission. It really killed me when Pres told me that I might have had to go home if I didn't get better. It is a little the same but different, she was only a few hours away in her mission. I am like half a world away. It definitely makes you thankful for all the little tender mercies that turn into the big blessings later.  I am SUPER grateful that I am able to still be here working for the short amount of time I have left. 
Lastly,we had a lesson last night with our one progressing investigator, Romario. . oh this kid, he is ready. Everyone can see it. He knows it. He knows it is true, we asking him again to be baptized last night, , . good news he said Yes! Bad news we have no idea when. He wouldn't put a date. haha he said yea I'm gonna be baptized. Awesome! Now we just have to figure out when. haha
Well, that is only part of  what went on in this crazy little city of La Plata, hope you are all enjoying the World Cup for us!! McKayla thanks for all the scores and your little comments, they are pretty fantastic.
Until next week!
Love ya all tonz and bunches!
Hna Snow

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