Monday, May 12, 2014

lets not talk about how much time i don't have left. okay?

Hola to all!! It was great talking...and seeing you all yesterday. Mom, Happy mothers day (again). Thanks for all that you have taught me and shown me and have done for me in my life. You really have been such a great influence to me and I tell you that those things have helped me, especially here in the mish and with everything that has happened, it has helped me be strong and keep pushing thru.  

Shay Happy birthday (still cant believe you are 20, holy Guacamole!!!)  But I have to say it was a little weird talking in English. haha like I told you I think Hna Knowlton and I were made comps so that I could practice speaking English to get ready to talk to you guys. But yes, I loved the Ashtyn comments, "We haven´t seen you in a while" and "okay see you in a minute". Oh that girl. haha and you are all getting so big! I can't believe it.

So my comp and I get along great. This week we have been on a roll. Minus the fact that we are always quoting Disney and occasionally Brian Regan (b/c that is what happens when you have two Americans as comps, one with three months in and one with 4 months to go...yea, it is always a party) we laugh, we sing, we speak Spanglish. It is great. But really we are scary a like, she will say something that she loves to do or likes and I just shake my head and smile...besides a few things our minds really function the same way. It's kinda creepy actually pero bueno. haha we both have a desire to flip this area on its head.  Which we have been seeing a bit of this week.  We have been finding and teaching people that with the Hna Medina we either didn't find or only talked to through speaker.  We have a few new investigators and have found and had lessons with some of the menos activos.  So I am really excited about this transfer. La Plata hasn´t seen what Snowlton can do just yet! 

As we were having our comp inventory on Friday after weekly planning Hna Knowlton told me a little story. So the day of transfers Hna Medina set the alarm on the phone for 5 am so that she could get up and finish packing. Well I forgot to turn it Tues morning it went off at 5 am, I was dead asleep and it took me a little while to figure out what was going on. Meanwhile Hna Knowlton, got up used the bathroom and started working out, since it is dark here until about 7:30, she thought it was the alarm to get up, I told her that it was only 5. Then she said yes another hour and a half to sleep. haha well in this little story telling moment, she told me her thoughts. "I heard the alarm, I got up and after I came back into the room, I thought that's weird that she is still in bed, they told me that she was an obedient missionary. Then you were all, its only 5:00 am."  haha when she told me this story we both got a good laugh. And just goes to show there are always to sides and explanations to a story, so don't go drawing conclusions or judging books by their covers. It is always good to talk to people, b/c you never know what you might find out.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts that have come my way, they have helped me stay positive and keep going. This time really is way too short to waste. We have to give it our all and then a little bit more. 

I hope you all have a Fantabulous week and always remember to "Just keep swimming"

Con cariño, [fondly]
Hna snow

my new comp...
we found subway, well it wasn't that hard, it is right next to the internet cafe
and of course we had to make it...guacamole!!

 the during

the after 

 I don't know if you can tell but this is fish. . . 

and here is our tiny little fridge. . haha

Happy mothers day! 

the whole clan
[fun having Todd, Lisa, Dalen, Shellie, Ashtyn & Dax here]

the fotos to match the before - see previous blog 

 the new family foto
[includes Cyndi Hutch Dani's BFF]

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