Monday, May 19, 2014

Trivia Question- num 2

What happens when you put 2 north Americans together as comps?

Anyways, I hope you all had a great week. I can't believe that it has been a week since we talked for Mother's Day! But it was great to see you All and talk to you.  Sounds like you are all having adventures and stuff...with the warm weather. Here the last few days have been SUPER cold! Neither of us have been here for the dead of winter yet, as I was only here for the last little bit in August, so we will see how this goes.  

This transfer I made a little personal goal to find a miracle in each day. And I write it down in my agenda. This week we had some really good moments, we had our bad ones but we are not going to talk about those today.  A few this week were: we found a couple inactivos that actually let us in and teach/talk to them.  They were really receptive and sweet and told us that the missionaries would visit them a lot and then they just stopped one day. hmm que triste [sad]. So we will be picking up and hoping that they will find that desire to go to church again, one day, planting seeds, right dad? 

Another little one, as we were crossing a street with a lot of water in the gutter we had to wait for a few cars to pass and everyone of them splashed us, it was great, but the last one a taxi driver slowed down and went thru slowly, saying out his window that he wasn't going to get us wet.  How nice, we thanked him and continued on our way.

One more: we went to visit a hermana and as we were waiting for her to come down (she lives in a tall building in central) and let us in, another lady came and rang for someone else.  We started chatting with her, she told us that she was going thru some really hard times, we gave her the plan of salvacion pamphlet and she basically asked us to come visit her, giving us her address and number (and for once we finally found someone that lives in our area). We were a little more than excited, but what was cool is that the member was watching from inside the door (she is sick and she didn't want to let the cold in) and she told us later of what an example that we are talking to all.  It made us realize that one of the strongest things that we have is our example, and that everyone is watching. 

Also we brought a new investigator to church yesterday and the members were almost shocked to see this. hehe yup example is everything, and to add to it, we both have been studying a lot about that with Alma and Ammon and the sons of Mosíah. It is pretty great. One member showed us a video clip that she found on fb its called "commercial Thai" it is about 3 min. It is short sweet and a perfect example of how the small and simple things can change the lives of many. It is a Thai commercial with English subtitles and Spanish sub with them. But it is amazing.  

Remember that blessing that dad gave me in Idaho. Well I have this little journal that I have been meaning to write those kinds of things and my notes from conference in and such. Well as I started writing what date it was I looked up at my clock and just happened to see the date:  May 17, um yea the day you came up was May 17 of was a little weird that I finally started putting things together in this notebook, starting with this particular thing, exactly one year later. Crazy huh? Oh the mysteries of life. 

Anyway to answer the trivia ? mentioned above.  
A: We have way too much fun quoting Disney movies, working and laughing.  Everyday is an adventure and we are having a blast and a half working together and trying to figure out new and fun ways to change this area.  We were riding the bus one day and (I really have NO idea why or how I remembered this line) a line from Harry Potter popped into my head that is really great to describe the work of a mission:  "You´re going to suffer, but you´re going to be happy about it" Ronald Weasley. Oh, how true it is and we both died when I said it. Sometimes it is really hard and we suffer a little, but ya know we are super happy b/c we have the truth and we are here trying to save our brothers and sisters. 

I challenge all of you to find the little miracles in everyday, it will change your perspective on life a ton. 

Have a great week!
Hna Snow

Title of this letter "please don't cry letter...I saw it and almost cried.

From: Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission
Date: Thu, May 15, 2014 at 3:38 PM
Subject: please don´t cry letter

Many thanks for your service in our mission and all that you continue to do. The time has come, however, to collect information for your flight home. I have three questions for you:

1)  At which airport do you need to arrive in to have your family meet you?  The Church’s policy does not allow for a missionary to arrive home without a family member present. Someone must be there to meet you.
2)  Are your parents coming to pick you up from our mission? This information is very important in order to plan transportation.  Plans to pick you up should be authorized with Pres. Thurgood beforehand.  You´ll have to talk to him yourself to get authorization.
3)  I need the correct and updated email of your family.  We need to send your flight itinerary home, and in order to do that we need a correct email address.

We need your answers next Monday at the very latest.  We can’t make any arrangements until we have the necessary information.  If there are problems let me know so we can work things out .
Thanks for your help, and keep on being awesome!

Hermana Dance
Misión Argentina Buenos Aires Sur

FYI - Hna. Snow's release date is Sept. 8, 2014. 

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