Monday, January 20, 2014

Q & A

Q: Did you know Elder Carlson got transferred to La Plata?

A: Yes, I know he got transferred, but he got transferred to Florencia Varela, an area around the mission home. We had an activity in La Plata last week and he showed up at the terminal with all of his things. That is when they told us. 
Q: Are you enjoying the training?
A: yea, it's not bad. It is just difficult training in an area where I feel like all the rules are out the window.  I just hope I am doing a good job and that she is learning with the training and by example.
Q: How is your new companion?
A: She is good and just as accident prone as I am. . .haha but she has a fire and excitement to work, (as we figured out last night she hit one month in the mission yesterday) and she has the same sense of humor about Dolores as I do. haha its great.
Q: What kinds of things do you do for p-day outside of your laundry and so forth?
A:  P' Day consists of email in the morning followed by grocery shopping (b/c everything is closed from noon to 4:30 or 5 except the supermercado) then we go home to clean the house, do laundry, and whatever other things we need to do. Then about 4 if we want to or need to we go back to central (about 10-15 min by bici,) to shop for clothes and such. We have an activity de zone once a transfer in La Plata, which was last week. We had a water balloon fight, played volleyball and had burgers for lunch that were delicious. At the end of the transfer we have an activity de distrito here in Dolores. That is about it. It is definitely not like La Costa, b/c we are a million miles from anything.  

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