Monday, January 13, 2014

The good, the dolor [pain] and the creepy...

First: Training. Training is going well, although things are still just complicated with a lot of drama. But Hna Vasquez knows the scriptures and how to explain things. Sometimes I forget that she is a greenie to the mission, and that she is still learning. Whoops, but things are going well. Things are slow and a bit difficult in this moment making training a little difficult, but we are definitely learning Christ like attributes. 

Second: The good. We found a family of investigators to teach last transfer that seemed really interested, pero [but] for now we are focusing on the mom.  She started out hard as a rock and not really receptive to anything. She believes (or believed, not sure if she still does) in the reincarnation and she would argue with us about prophets and revelation and the Priesthood.  A couple lessons ago, we were talking about the W.O.W and the addictive substances that are the five things we should not take into our bodies. When we mentioned tea, she stopped us a little surprised, and asked why tea was one of the substances. We explained that the herbal teas, that they have a lot of here, were okay. But that the black teas had substances that make you nervous and anxious.  She told us that every morning she has a cup of tea and that she felt nervous all the time.  Yup, turns out that is why the tea.  haha, see we learn new things everyday.  But all in all she is a lot more receptive and open to our messages. And not shooting questions against us anymore. Oh, the blessings of the gospel. I don´t know if she can see the change in herself but we can definitely see it. And she even told us that she wants to visit the church with day.

Thirdly: The dolor [pain]...There is just drama drama drama in this Rama [Branch]. haha it is just like high school with the he did this and she said that. But that is part of our calling, to strengthen and help the members find their testimonies again and come back even stronger. But, on the bright side, yesterday we had the most less actives in church. Wahoo! Little by little.

Lastly: The creepy...So we found a new investigator the other day, chatted a little left him with a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation to read and set up another appointment with him. Anyway, we went back to the appointment and started the lesson. Asked if he had any questions or anything...he started going off asking questions about what we did here, and if we could have boyfriends, stuff like that...yea, my first thoughts ´oh dear´ we answered the questions and started teaching. He listened but kept going off on the subject of boyfriends and such like that...the creepy part, during most of the lesson he kept looking at me, even while my comp was trying to teach gets worse, as we left he tried to go in for the traditional kiss on the cheek, I dodged it with a handshake, but he tried to insist with both of us explaining that while in the mission we have certain things that we can't do. It seems most of Dolores likes to question the rules we have and the things we can and can't do. Anyway we went back for our next appointment and he didn't want to see us. haha, he told one of the kids to tell us that he wasn't there. 

There are some stories for ya this week. Hope you all have a good week.
Hna Snow
"Pix for Kix"
Our Tree

My breakfast

My Dinner or well, I guess Christmas lunch

haha yup it is as high as it can go. 

The District reunited minus Hna Andreasen...for now
[I think this is her MTC District]

and the pix of my comp and I the first day
[I'm thinking along with Pres. & Hna Thurgood]

please send this to JoDean with a big thank you!
inside the pkg. from JoDean
 The Pres. of the Rama's garage...haha thought of Dalen and Jason.

Yes it is a javelina (not sure on spelling)
[Jason said it's a wild Boar]

Oreos, enough said!
 Oreos and milk. Yup, I am happy!

 My comp is just as accident prone as I am

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