Monday, January 20, 2014

Once there was a snow(wo)man ...

I feel like this song is appropriate for there and here because you all have the snow, but here we are melting...haha. I guess this summer here has had the hottest temps on record since like 40 years ago... oh goodie.

Anywho, this week was a little bit better than last week, can´t believe that we are half way thru the transfer and in the fourth week. But there are still not a lot of people here in Dolores. They are all on vacation in La Costa or at the beach or in theirs pools or sleeping. haha and apparently they tell us that it will be this way until like the end of Febrero. Lets just say that we are getting a lot of practice at trying to find people. And the people we always seem to find are the very duro [hard] Evangelista's and Jehovah Witnesses. It is like hitting a brick wall trying to talk to them. And I always seem to feel like I don´t know anything when we leave. It is not a fun feeling. The rejection I can handle, but it is when they tear down everything you have when you try to just tell them what you believe that is exhausting and hurts a bit.  All we can do is testify of the things that we know and believe and if they listen great, a seed has been planted, if not that is their choice. The spirit can't be in a place where there is contention, making it hard to work thru the spirit.  That is one major thing that I have learned and keep finding, as members and especially as missionaries EVERYTHING we do is thru and by the spirit, if we don´t have the spirit with us we lose that third witness that can penetrate the hearts of the people and bear witness that we really do have the truth restored in these last days, that God has a plan for us to live again and that this life on the earth is just a small dot in this path of eternity.
When we are teaching, we can only do and say so much until the spirit takes over and testifies that these things are true.  If we don't have that, the things we say are just words with nothing to back them up. It is quite the powerful tool that we strive to have with us every moment of everyday. It is really hard to have the spirit in a lesson when the people we are talking to always meet us with something against our religion. You can definitely tell when the spirit is in a lesson b/c no matter the distractions things just flow together. As comps we can teach smoothly and the inv. are really listening and even with the distractions we are able to focus on the lesson.  So, it really is an incredible thing - The Spirit.  

Here is a funny quote from my comp this week. The story behind it, we were on the bus Tues. waiting to head back to Dolores when a guy came by selling snacks and stuff. The mini missionary that took the place of Elder Carlson asked us if we wanted anything, I saw a thing of Oreos and said those would be great. Well following that Hna Vasquez made this comment: "Hermana Snow es uno oreo, blanco por adentro, negro por afuera."  Translation:  Hna Snow is an oreo, white on the inside and black on the outside.  haha I don´t know if I was just tired but I thought it was hilarious so I wrote it down. [I think Hna. Vasquez is referring to Dani's tan]

Well, I hope things go well for you all this week and that you don´t get sick anymore. haha
Les Quiero muchisimo, [I want to a lot]
Hna Snow

PS We found out that we get to go to the temple to do a session as a zone on the 5th of Febrero!!! wahoo, I am stoked, I have been missing the temple A LOT, especially lately. But it will be interesting, as it is all in Spanish. I'm not worried about the videos or anything because I understand a lot, it is the speaking at the end that will be the interesting part. haha Woo!!!

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