Monday, June 10, 2013


Mon., June 10, 2013
Hola, mommy,
I thought you would like that letter, we have had just as busy time as you all it sounds. Thanks for your prayers and support, it is much appreciated. I am super excited to re-read and look through my Missionary book, it sounds like it is coming together nicely. I think that might be the reason that i am here too, for Silvia. And turns out if you go to it is an entire webpage designated for ASL. Coolest thing ever!!! The only problem, they don't have internet at their house to pull it up. And get this, The Book of Mormon is on there in ASL, she has an iphone, but it wouldn't let us download it on there so we are trying to figure out what to do. I think we are going to try and download a couple books at a time and put them on a USB for her computer. . Idk, we will see what happens. but it is a sweet and super useful site! haha

That is what you said last week, that you were driving. but i don't know if you read the envolope with the letter, but the reason behind the question. . we were teaching a less active couple that live in a big yellow house just to the east of the freeway, right after the overpass before you hit that blackfoot exit to go to our house. . well we were leaving that house and i look over and saw a gray Chevy Traverse going super fast, and i swear it had Utah plates but i can't be sure . .strange huh? and i knew you were heading up that day, thus the question of what time did you guys pass Blackfoot?  But glad to hear you all had fun at Dax's baby blessing and that Shay made it up okay.  Oh Ashtyn Fe, what are we going to do with her? She will be so grown up when I get home. Her and Dax . . oh goodness. Can't wait to get the pix letter, you do know it is okay to send a written letter every once in a while, right? haha

I will definitely give Sis. Davis the Thank you. I can't wait for you to meet them too! they said they would still be here when i get home, cuz i told her the same thing, that we come up all the time and when i get home i am bringing you all up to meet them! You guys will love them, they are just awesome and my family and home away from home!

That is so sad to hear about Paula, please tell her that her and toddles will be in my prayers and that i love her!
[Paula Lange's dad passed away this morning]
Wow!! Liz would be home already. It is crazy how fast time is going by. I have already been here 6 weeks and out a total of just over 3 months. See i told you this 18 months will FLY by!

Thanks for all you are doing and writing. Have a fantastic week!!
Te Amo!
Hermana Snow

Top picture is Dani, Silvia, Ofelia, David and there grandkids, Shelby and David
Bottom picture is Elder Bills, Silvia, and Dani

Top picture is Michael, the country redneck, with his little tyke umbrella. He just got the Aaronic priesthood yesterday, and he is working on getting his temple recommend. He should be one of the friend requests on my FB, I don't know if you are keeping up with it or not, but just so you know.

Bottom picture is Sister Tolman. We were in the MTC together, but in diff zones, she also got called to Buenos Aires south, and was reassigned to Pokey . .but this picture is her freaking out, Why? Pres. just told her that she got her VISA . . haha. we were at zone conference in Pokey and he come up shakes her hand and tells her that her visa came, no hello, just that. haha she was freaking out trying to find us to tell us that she was leaving on Sunday, that was a wed. . haha I love that girl. who knows she might train me when I get there . .

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