Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How's your Week

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hola mommy,
I know it is crazy that this month is half over, and how exciting for you to fly out there for the National PTA Convention. I bet you will have tonz of fun and can't wait to hear all about it. I love the Father's day gift. It looks so comfy. [bought a free standing hammock] Well at least someone is getting some use out of that awesome bike. [Shayla took Dani's bike to Bear Lake] I hope she is doing better up there, I haven't heard anything from her in a couple weeks. Yea I am proud of her too, and this will all be really good for her. That is super cool that she came home for Father's day and got to stay a little while, Oh little Shay is growing up. haha 

Not much has been happening here. Still just teaching, but our investigators aren't progressing very well at the moment. which is super sad b/c they were doing so good. We have had like 3 investigators move, including a family that were so ready to be baptized . .but they moved into one of the Elder's areas, so hopefully they can work with them and get them baptized. So it has been a rough week. The lady I invited to be baptized, who was so excited, started going backwards and we have not had any contact with her in like a few weeks. Our teaching pool has shrunk considerably, but we are still trying to work hard and find referrals. I guess it is good to have successful times and not so successful times, but it is hard either way. Definitely a faith tester and builder. 

Can't wait for your letter, 
te amo!!
Hermana Snow

1.This is a picture of Keygan, the cute little boy who we are teaching. He is a foster child of the Bishop of one of our wards. This couple are saints, they aren't able to have their own kids so they take in foster children with mental or physical disabilities and raise them in the gospel, they have had like over 50 kids through foster care and have adopted like a dozen of them. It is pretty incredible.

2. A picture that Keygan took of me, Hna Gorriti, Hna Froerer, Sister Wright and one of their boys Brody.

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