Monday, February 10, 2014

pix for kix

 the zone de la plata sur

 our district in front of the temple 

mosquito's, 2 pix of my leg, first on Mon night, the other yesterday
 MOSQUITO'S, yes all those black dots are mosquito s and the funny thing is that it is worse around our front door.  It is usually white, but with all the mosquito's it is closer to black, there is probably at least a thousand of them. We have gone thru two cans of Raid trying to keep up with them, but yet they are still there.. . . .
they never end - hard to see but mosquito's are all along the wall
 this was the flooding from last week, and even this pix doesn't do it justice
[fyi - she re-asurred me she is wearing boots]
me and Hna. Vasquez

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