Saturday, August 24, 2013

This Week

This last week was exciting, we had a baptism or two actually. A brother and sister. It was really cool to have the chance to experience so soon in coming to Argentina. They were both super excited to be baptized. We have had good lessons, and my spanish is coming, some days are better than others, and others I feel like I am moving backwards .. it is not so much fun. I will admit, it is a little harder than I expected, but I really don´t feel like I should be anywhere else than here right now.  And hey, if it was easy, it wouldn´t be worth it right? The members are great and really strong, and they try to help out when they can.
The food is delicious, and the members feed us well. With all the walking we do, I think  I walk off every meal right after I eat it.
There is sand EVERYWHERE and it gets in absolutely everything. haha
The work is great, and the people are usually open to what we have to say. It is cool that no matter where you are the gospel is the same, it doesn´t matter what language. It is still the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is for everyone.
I am having the adventure of a lifetime and can´t wait to see what God has in store for me down here. I hope you are all doing great!
Hermana Snow

Top Pix: Sister Thurgood, Me, Hna Tobar and Pres. Thurgood
[Pix is slightly out of focus]
Middle Pix:  The baptism of Kevin y Natacha, with Hna Tobar and I and their older sister Magali
Bottom Pix: Our Church Bldg.

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