Monday, August 12, 2013

Argentina Bound

Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 5:53 PM

Hola Famila,
I am alive and well. Argentina is great!! It is beautiful and cold. Although I haven´t noticed this humidity they are talking about. We arrived bright and early Tuesday morning after 13 hours of travel (all day Monday) Pres. and Sis. Thurgood are super nice  and they had us write letters to our families that night while Pres. did interviews.  It explains what happened that first day.  

My comp is super cute, she is 19, from Chile, she has been a convert for two years and she is trying to learn English. . entonces it has been fun each of us trying to learn each others languages. Our area Pinamar is in La Costa, so I am near the coast. Pero [but] I have only seen it from a distance. It is a beautiful area though that I have only been in a few days, given we traveled a lot last week.  Miercoles [Wednesday] we traveled from the mission home to our area, a total of a 5 hour drive, needless to say I slept a lot.  Thursday we traveled as a zone to La Plata for a mission conference with Elder Gonzales (?) of the 70, on Friday . It was all in Spanish, but I understood most of what was said.  We spent the day in La Plata and traveled home that night. So I have really only spent a few days actually in our area.  But it is great and large with a lot of walking but that is okay.   There is a LOT of sand! haha. It is like one large beach with a bunch of  houses and a few paved roads. Our zone consists of 12 missionaries. 9 of which are from the states and 3 are from Chile, and the best part out of those 9 -7 of us are from Utah. haha go figure. And I found out today that one elder went to the U at the same time I was there. There is even a sister that I graduated with in La Plata., Hna Farnsworth, oh how small our Mormon world is. haha. 

As for the language, it is coming. I can understand a lot more than I can speak but speaking is coming one day at a time. It is just a matter of practice. We have taught a couple lessons in the few days that I have been here, and I am really good at bearing my testimony and praying, so it can only go up from there right? But I was having a hard time yesterday, I think everything finally caught up to me.  I was tired. . no exhausted, yo entiendo nada, I couldn´t focus on nada, it was bad. But today was better. maybe b/c it was P-day! haha my first in Argentina and it has been raining most of it. 

I am glad to be here and able to have these experiences. I know that with the help of the Lord I can get through anything. Even with the hard times I am excited to be here. The members are great, the missionaries are awesome as are Pres. and Sister Thurgood. 

It was good to hear all your stories and to it was good to have had the chance to catch up with my long lay over in SLC.  I hope things are going well for all of you! 
Mucho mucho amor 
Hna Snow

ps. Pictures will come later, I don´t carry my camera with me so I forgot to grab it today. Next time! 

pss. Turns out we are here on tourist VISA´s so we really don´t have our actual VISA´s yet.  More on that when I know. 
Love ya 
Hna snow

Sorry one more thing. One of the elders in my zone Elder Day is from Logan  . .a cerca [near, close] to Hunts. He lived in their neighborhood. Brian is his Bish. haha see small world. Talk to LuWana for more details. 
On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 6:08 PM, JaNel Snow <> wrote:

Hi if you get this thanks for all the updates. Did you mention Kunz to new Mission Pres.?  Mom

Yes, I did and I explained the whole situation also. haha they got a good laugh out of it.

So awesome to kind of sort of “chat”. So so happy you are doing well. Miss you so much. Can’t wait to see pictures of your area and am so relieved you are in good hands. Typing your blog as we speak - thus on the computer. luv ya, your momma

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