Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How do you eat Calamari with a smile?

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Hola Family! 
Glad you made it home from your trip. Sounds and looks like you all had a blast! This week was a good one, first off, the title, this was the lunch we had at Inka this she brought it out Hna. Knowlton said that is either onion rings or calamari and I don't think they have onion rings here. . . so yea we ate calamari. What you do is combine every bite with a little bit of everything on your plate and with the promise of french fries, ice cream or alfajores after you just eat and eat and eat until it is gone.  But I can now say that I have eaten something super strange on my mission. ha but never again. Trying to cut that rubbery substance was just too much for me. And you all know how I am not a fan of sea food or anything of the sort. But here you just have to put a smile on, try not to cry and eat what they give you. 

Chance or coincidence don't exist: A couple cool stories from this week, we went searching for old investigators and in-actives.  
Last week we found an old inv and as we got talking she said that she had never before talked to or listened to missionaries and she didn't know how we knew her name and address (which we had on a form in the pension meaning that someone had found and talked to her before. . .right?) well we went by again a few days ago b/c she agreed to let us come back, they were busy but we left them with an explanation and pamphlets of the plan of salvation.  I don't know if it is true or not that they have never talked to the missionaries before but we found them and hopefully something good will come of it. 

Story number 2: looking for in-actives, we found one who is baptized but his family isn't. We went by a few times and never found anyone. A couple weeks ago we finally talked to him and then this past week again and were able to leave him with a thought. But what was cool, the night before when we were planning, I was planning to go for other menos activos and then another direction, but stopped and had the feeling to go by his house.  So we went and found him sitting outside his house very distraught for the situation that he has found himself in. We shared a scripture about how Christ knows all that we are going thru and that he is the one that we can turn to when we need help and guidance.  After we left I turned back and he had gone inside. I don't know how long he had been sitting out there, but I had the thought that it probably wasn't that long. I told Hna K my thoughts during planning the night before and how I was going to plan to go to another house but changed.  If we would have gone for the other route we wouldn't have found him sitting outside. Also I'm thinking if we would have went a few min. later we wouldn't have found him either. Was it chance that we found him? I think not. Oh the spirit is SO cool!!! 

Transfers are coming up again in a week, we have NO idea what will happen, so I will let you know what happens next week. 

Have a fantabulous week! Love you all. 

Hna Snow

we went to the museum of La Plata today . .this is the evolution of man and of missionary
Hna. Knowlton and I with the bones. :)

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