Thursday, May 16, 2013

So Good to Skype

Holy Guacamole you guys had quite the weekend! It was so good talking to all of you and thanks for letting Cyndi know, the whole thing made my day!

That is crazy about the neighborhood with everyone leaving. It will be totally different when I get home. That is super dumb about those trees, why would they have them taken out? I bet it is ugly, sounds like it would be. But from that first paragraph, it sounds like you have had a wave of changes everywhere.

I am getting my strength and energy back, but I still have a cough. The doctor said I will have it for a few weeks. oh joy.

Thank you for getting all this, [Dani needed an additional suitcase] but it is nice to be able to get this all squared away before I head to Argentina. You DO NOT need to buy a suitcase for Hna Froerer, her family is going to drop one off at the temple visitors center for her to pick up. So you don't need to get her one anymore, but she says thanks anyway.

Yea I know it is unheard of, [getting to actually go see Dani & her companions] but it all depends on the mission pres. Mine is just super awesome I guess, considering all this was his suggestion. There is an old looking barn by our house just down the street, so you can meet us at the house instead of at the Walgreens. you have the address. [Needed to get a family pix for SnowyBarn about us page] As for food, Hna Gorriti says there is a Homestead restaurant that is sit down and order, or Rupes burger place (it has the look of Frost top in St George) she said it is a bit pricey, but I'm not sure what the price range is as none of us have been there,  but it is your choice. we are good with whatever. I don't remember if I told you a time or not, but we are shooting for 3:00 pm, it will work better for us with our evening appointments.  You could probably meet us around 2:30 or 2:45 to get the suitcase and pictures taken care of before we eat.  I can't wait for you to get here and see you all. :D as for a few last things,

1. I want dad to give me a Father's blessing while you are here, cuz I am regretting not getting one before I left. And like you are always saying I think this is one of God's little tender mercies that you are able to come up and see me.

2 We were helping out the young women in one of the wards and I got talking to the leader of whose house we were at. She is from Providence, and graduated from Mountain Crest with Alisha. . might I just say "it's a small world after all". Yea it was crazy!! So if you would be so kind as to let Alisha know I met her friend Maria (Palmer) Opheikens, Palmer being her maiden name that Alisha might recognize. Thanks.

Well that's about it . . . Oh wait I forgot to mention one thing while talking to you yesterday and I feel horrible 

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you all tonz and bunches!!

see ya in a few

Hermana Snow

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