Friday, May 10, 2013

Pre-Mother's Day Gift

Date: Mon, 6 May 2013 14:36:18 -0600
Subject: Re: Answered ?'s

1. awesome, that's fine. I know I bought it for the mission but i just love it too much I didn't want to ruin it. [re: Dani's black skirt - I too love]
2. yea about that, they have no idea where the cards are, so you probably won't get a package. [re:Hna Andreasen Pkg]
3. you can put the shoes in the suitcase. i just want them before I leave.
4. Yea i heard, and I saw him in the mtc. [re: McKay Dunn serving BAW]
5. okay that's fine, i'll end up using it. thanks
6. yes you sent my sd card back. thanks
7. Thank you thank you thank you for getting those things,
8. okay, i think they disappeared. . yes they were those ones that i got from kohl's (with my swimsuit). [re: brand new lime green gloves - her fav color]
9. that's fine, tell her not to stress about it. [re: Shayla addresses]
10. no worries, that's what i have been telling people, that my facebook name is Dani Snow. And thank you for confirming Graeme! Can't believe that i missed him by like three weeks. you should tell him to email me. :)
11. thanks your awesome! [re: quotes]
Anyway in response to your letter, which i was excited to get, Snail mail takes around 4 days. I got it on Friday. .but in Argentina apparently it takes 3 weeks. so i think that is pretty good. And to answer your question about dearelders, yes you can still do them when i am in Argentina, but you have to pay regular postage, it won't be free like in the MTC. The suitcase would be much helpful thanks! about getting to me.. . . wait for it . . . . . .a bit longer. . . . . I saw Pres and Sister Brinkerhoff yesterday at our Stake conference, and i asked him what would be easier for you to get this to me . . . . . .. wait for it . . . . . . He said just to have you drop it off to me. So he basically gave you permission to come see me on your way up to Sugar, and he suggested you guys take me and my compenaras out to eat. I was surprised, but it totally made my day!! especially since some days i wake up and just want to start crying for no reason. . still not sure why. but i am feeling better as far as sickness goes. my throat is still bugging me a tad but the drugs are helping, and like you i don't remember a time that i have been out for that long either. So I am happy to be getting better. I hate to do this since you have done so much already, but if you could get a few more things that would be great. A Conference Ensign from April's conference. i would get one but the closest church store is IF, so its not exactly possible. (and i don't know if you saw, but Alli Wright and Sarah Handy are in it, in a picture of 6 people at Temple Square.) also on my 'Church Shelf' where you found my hard back B.O.M there should be a fairly thin spiral bound book with a picture of Christ giving a sermon on the mount on the front and is full of pictures, i didn't even think to bring it, cuz it could come in handy. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope (besides the shoes) That i am not causing you too much stress.
-That is crazy about the story with lisa and the elders. you should get their names, maybe i know one. I didn't even know there was a fireside in IF last sunday. But it is DEFINITELY good to be out of the house and up and moving again, although i think that i am slightly dehydrated. . no bueno.
-One day we will make it to Italy. . and me knowing Spanish I think i should be able to understand some Italian, but it will definitely make it easier to learn. :D
-I can't wait to see the completed "Book" when i get home. sounds like it is coming together, as with the blog. I have no idea if i can look at it or not, but thanks for the address.
-The Church tours are great, we get to show the investigators something tangible and a visual of what goes on in the buildings and what we are about. It helps them feel the spirit and really get a sense of the Church. Yes Robert is there, we can see it, we just have to get him to see it. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he was super engaged and interested and asked great questions. But there is that little pebble that he can't get over. I hope we can get him though. He could have such a strong testimony, I can see it. it is in him just wanting to get out.
-With Spanish, we get to use it a bit, but our latest two Spanish lecciones have cancel on us. We pray in Espanol in the apartment and a bit with some of the people we see. We definitely don't use it as much as in the MTC.
-Haha you and your jumping to conclusions. But way to go Alisha and graduating!! How funny you thought it was a wedding announcement, but if it happens i want to see it. Email it or something!
-I thought your Snowybarn "sneak peak" was very well done. From the pictures, "The Barn" looks great and in Shay's letter she said it is very warm and comfortable, so it is a complete change from the Dungeon. haha I can't wait to hear how everything turns out. Way to get everyone working, even Amber J. It is cool to hear that she is contributing to the cause, and to put her story on the tag I think would be a great touch.

I will probably reply to your email via letter, since I only have a bit more time left and still have to answer dad.
Te Amo Mucho!! Esperanza todos cosas es bueno!
Mucho Amor,
Hermana Snow

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